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Re: Countrychooser screen wording (was: Re: Resignation)

Quoting Jean-Michel POURE (jm@poure.com):

> The only critic about this ISO definition is that it does not make a clear 
> difference between traditionnal Chinese and simplified Chinese.

Well, this is another debate : I have the feeling that both languages
should rather have different ISO (639...which is the standard for
languages) codes but there's an objection about this :

Traditional and Simplified are, IIRC, two different scripts for *writing*
Chinese, not speaking it. The different ways of *speaking* Chinese are
Mandarin, Cantonese and so on, all being written either Traditional or

So, there is no specific language code for each as ISO-639 codes are
codes for written languages (this is explained in the ISO-639 FAQ) not
for scripts.

Lots of answers about this at
http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/faq.html, especially points 23
and 24.

> I assume that a Chinese from Continental China may be interested in choosing 
> traditionnal Chinese (as spoken in Taiwan)... Why not?

This is possible in d-i. He chooses Traditional Chinese on first
screen, then China as country on second screen. The locale (debconf
value debian-installer/locale) will be zh_TW, thus giving him the
Traditional Chinese translations, but the country (debconf value
debian-installer/country) will be China and, for instance, he will
have the default timezones for Continental China as choices as well as
other country-dependent settings (the mirror in the future).

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