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Countrychooser screen wording (was: Re: Resignation)

(please followup to -boot)

Quoting John Hasler (john@dhh.gt.org):
> Why not just say 'Area'?
> Like this:
>     /-----------------------[Choose area]------------------------\
>     | Based on your language, you are probably in one of these   |
>     | areas.  If you are elsewhere, choose "other".              |

This is a good suggestion though I fear a bit that the main menu would
then become a bit cryptic

Choose language
Choose area

"Country or area" is maybe the best possibility which comes to my mind.

About the countrychooser main menu, I begin to seriously think about a

"The list below is based on official ISO-3166 country or area
names. Debian is not responsible for these names assignments. Please
refer to (ISO-3166 FAQ URL) for details about ISO-3166 entries."

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