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Re: Definition of COUNTRY (Was: Resignation)

Quoting Mike Hommey (mh@glandium.org):

> Okay, but in all these steps, what is actually done by localechooser and 
> by countrychooser ? I read the thread (well, I must say I didn't read 
> ALL the thread...) but I still can't figure out which is which and what 
> it does. Also note that it's been a while I last installed a Debian, so...
> Final question: is all that about choosing a language (for locale) or 
> choosing a location (place) (for timezone or whatever else) ?

There is no localechooser. In d-i, you first get the languagechooser
menu. It allows people choosing a language. For simplification
reasons, this screen already includes some country choices, for
instance you can choose "English (USA)" or "English (Australia)" or
"English (other countries)".

If you choose "English (USA)", you're not prompted for any country at
all. The country is set to USA (debconf value
debian-installer/country) and the language is set to en (debconf value
debian-installer/language) while the locale is set to en_US (debconf
value debian-installer/locale)

If you choose "English (other countries)", the language is set to en
and you're then dropped into another screen for choosing a country.

This screen is called the "short list". It only lists countries for
which a valid en_XX locale is supported by the locales package (in
this case, Canada/Australia/Great Britain/USA/New Zealand/India/....).

Choosing a country there will set the country value to that country
and the locale value to the given en_XX locale.

Finally, on this short screen, you can choose "Other" which will drop
you into the world "country" list (the iso-3166 list). Choosing a
country there will only set the country value, but NOT the locale
value because this will be an unsupported locale.

This seems complicated but this was needed for being sure to support
all supported locales for some widespread languages such as English or

The implementation of this is complicated. The consequence for the
user is not (or is supposed not to be...:-)))

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