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Re: Resignation

Alastair McKinstry wrote:

As was pointed out elsewhere on the list, there are a bunch of
programs that include flags, and lists of countries, within
Debian. This could be refactored into a single collection
(in a single directory).
I know that KDE also included (at least in the past, don't know now), the Quebec's flag when you chose French Canadian language (or layout or something). This was pretty close to when Quebec had their referendum to separate from Canada. I didn't see too many Canadians resigning because KDE had Quebec's flag!

IMHO, I think it is childish to resign because of something really stupid like this. If the country name is wrong according to *international* regulation/law, then file an RC bug against the software.

I'm quite saddened at the state of the world that this decision reflects. Hypothetically speaking, if KDE has a theme that reflects native culture of Tibet, and uses Tibet's flag to describe it, does this mean that their website will be censored by China? From Herbert's extreme reaction, I must conclude yes.

- Adam

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