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Re: Resignation

Please can we focus on how to de-escalate this issue?

Herbert, why precisely are you resigning? is it because, 
as was pointed out elsewhere, Debian includes flags for Taiwan,
implicitly supporting Taiwanese independence? Thank you
for giving two weeks notice; hopefully we can use this to
come up with a solution.

As was pointed out elsewhere on the list, there are a bunch of
programs that include flags, and lists of countries, within
Debian. This could be refactored into a single collection
(in a single directory).

I think we should look at POSIX locales as a model: it is
basically impossible to come up with a set of countries / territories that does
not offend someone. In the POSIX locales model, they managed to sidestep this
issue by _not_ generating a list of territories, but creating a model where
could add their own with 'localeconf'. While we ship a bunch of 
locales in the locales package, we don't claim that they are
definitive and users can change them.

I created the iso-codes package to refactor the multiple lists of countries,
languages and their translations present in
GNU/Linux, to avoid wasting space and add consistentcy. Unfortunately the approach
taken does create a 
list which purports to be definitive, and causes this conflict.

I am willing to reconsider how to do this. Possible solutions
- Generating any list of countries/languages from the installed
- refactoring programs to use flags in, eg. /usr/share/flags
  which a user can edit (either by hand or installing
  a package (eg. elbonian-independence.deb, complete
  with Elbonian locale and flag and translations ...)

This doesn't solve the debian-installer list problem; hopefully
the countrychooser (choose language then country) compromise
there will suffice.

All constructive suggestions welcome, (though please don't
make any such work another gating issue for Sarge :-)

Alastair McKinstry

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