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Dehs: To few watch file filled from Debian Mantainers

Il mar, 2004-05-04 alle 01:51, Jeroen van Wolffelaar ha scritto:

The main problem of DEHS is: 
Total Soruces package without Watch File => 6437 (86,19%)
And we must add
Total Package without a checkable upstream => 484 (47.22% of package
with watch file)

Only 1075 on 7468 sources Packages had a "functional" and filled Watch

We could start some effort to sensibiliting Debian Matainers to fill
watch and correct Watch files of their own packages?

> Hm, seems to me it's merely a warning then: can't you surpress it then?
> The warning isn't _that_ interesting for DDPO, it could go to lintian
> though, I'll include it there. Are there other relevant warnings too
> that can be tested without a net connection?

While doing the little hacking on uscan i had saw that there was some
other "lintian useful" checking. Lintian cheching on uscan with net
access could be useful for verify regex inserted in watch file). 

I had commited (on dehs svn) two modded uscan version:
uscan3.pl that actually is used by dehs and uscan_dirh2.pl that had
added the support for recursive pattern matching in the directory in url
for Watch file

I don't want to fork uscan so i will don't done other modification (i.e.
add tags on uscan prints for parsing different pourposes  warning). 
I hope that this could be added in the official uscan script in the
devscripts debian package.

> > Did I autmaticaly daily upload plain text format statistic on dehs web
> > site? Output on a single file making an union query or with three
> > different files?
> One text file with for each source package one line like I showed above
> will be easiest.
> http accessible (i.e. published on the dehs site) will do. Either by
> generating it onto the website by daily cron, or a php script which
> generates the text on the fly... it'll be downloaded only once per day
> anyway. Whichever you prefer.
Daily updated (cron) plaintext are now on dehs (alioth) :

If you want a mail message notification to autmatically parse after
scripts done updates send me the "mail" command syntax of the message
that u want to receive, i will add it at the end.

> --Jeroen

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