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Re: DEHS source code available on alioth

Il sab, 2004-05-01 alle 16:18, Jeroen van Wolffelaar ha scritto:

> Bluefuture: The interface that is needed for DDPO and the PTS is like
> this:
> <srcpackagename>: [ <upstreamversion> | "N/A" | "Error" ]
> For resp. upstream version, no watch file, and error processing
> watchfile.
> --Jeroen

It is very simple for me to output this data but:
there are packages with founded upstreamversion but with uscan
Error/Warings  (i.e. package that had an obsolete version 1 Watch file).
How can i fill your schema in this cases? 
Did I autmaticaly daily upload plain text format statistic on dehs web
site? Output on a single file making an union query or with three
different files?


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