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Re: dh_installdocs ignores package.README.Debian

On Sun, 2 May 2004, Ben Burton wrote:

> > In order to install a README.Debian, you need to have a
> > debian/<package>.README, that is, without the Debian, in your debian dir
> ...
> > You might want to ponder a wishlist bug against debhelper to also accept
> > <package>.README.Debian
> dh_installdocs.1 actually says that it will accept both debian/README.Debian
> and debian/<package>.README.Debian.  FWIW, I use both of these forms in
> various packages I maintain, and it works just fine.
> (and btw, the manpage *doesn't* say that it will accept
> debian/<package>.README, though I haven't tried it myself.)

Hmm. So you don't see anything obviously wrong, then?


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