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Re: Naming for PHP pear modules in Debian - Was: Re: PHP pear modules for Debian

Citat Mirco 'meebey' Bauer <meebey@php.net>:

> I also want to note that the PEAR package in Debian should work as the
> CPAN one. Installation of PEAR packages via "pear install $package_name"
> should be done in /usr/local... but debian pear packages put them into
> /usr..
> the php.ini just needs to know both paths in the "include_path" option

I would actually prefer to do some thinking, how we solve the mix of these
options, so that the dpkg system knows, that the package has been installed from
pear instead (is the same issue with CPAN against libperl-* installation.) And
that might actually be worth thinking about before we start packaging these
modules, that we have some functionality in place, that put's naming and
combining  of manual and packaged installation in place. 

Something that every debianized pear package would check if itself has been
installed manually via "pear install" allready and asks if the should be
removed/replaced or left.

Just thinking of avoiding stuff that could have been done better in other

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