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Re: partial Debian mirroring - Was: dpkg rewrite in Java

Chris Halls <halls@debian.org> writes:

> On Tue, 2004-04-27 at 21:45, Tobias Hertkorn wrote:
>> apt-proxy blockes until all data is received
> This only applies to version 1, and only when using rsync as a backend. 
> Version 2 (in experimental) is written in Python, is much faster, and
> streams files as it downloads them from all backend types.

Thanks for the pointer to this newer version of apt-proxy.  Very nice!

A couple of questions about using it.  Since apt thinks all requests
are going to the same host, it doesn't parallelize any of them any
more.  But I think it would improve things if it did.  Do you know a
way to get apt to parallelize requests if the first component of the
pathnames are different?  Or is there another work around for this?
Can I keep my sources.list as usual, but set apt's http proxy setting?

Second, when I do an "apt update", I can't tell anymore which
repository apt is currently using, because it only shows things like

  Hit http://jdc.math.uwo.ca testing/main Packages

and I may have several repositories with a testing/main section.
Any idea how to get apt to show the first component of the pathname?

  Hit http://jdc.math.uwo.ca/debian testing/main Packages
  Hit http://jdc.math.uwo.ca/non-US testing/main Packages


Thanks for writing this very useful program!


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