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Re: partial Debian mirroring - Was: dpkg rewrite in Java

Michael R Head wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-04-26 at 20:31 -0700, Tobias Hertkorn wrote:
> >
> > I did not know about debmirror2 up to now. Will it be
> > written in perl as debmirror is now? Will it support
> > (optinal) acting as proxy - that means, populating
> > it on the fly? How far along is it?
> I haven't tried it, but your requirements sound very similar
> to what apt-proxy is intended to provide.

apt-proxy blockes until all data is received. Eg. if you try to
download kernel images over dialup (extrem example) apt-get times out
and complains. It also slows down the overall process dramatically.
Being a script doesn't help either.

Inspired by your question I did some test on my setup at the

On the flipside: it was obvious, that apt-got is not for everybody
either. Java has a big footprint and might be too much for small
machines - but that is only a guess, as I couldn't test this setup on
a slow cpu.
Maybe gcj 3.4.0 will solve that - once all basic functions are in
place, I will try to alter the code so it compiles on gcj.


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