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Re: problem with dpkg-reconfigure and noninteractive frontend

Just to be clear, I haven't (yet) implemented the below, but I've
thought about it a little bit... [Manoj and others have much more
experience with debconf and configuration files than I do, so cum
grano solis.

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Denis Barbier wrote:
> Consider for instance the locales package, can you please explain
> how local changes in /etc/locale.gen can be preserved while
> reconfiguring it in noninteractive mode?

Has /etc/locale.gen been modified since it was last generated (check
md5sum within the config file)[1]?
	Use ucf or similar for prompting from the autogenerated files
	If non-interactive, do nothing. (Presumably ucf knows how
	we're being run)
	Reconfigure /etc/locale.gen using debconf settings

[Whatever is done, the # XXX GENERATED XXX probably needs to
go... modifying the file without seeing that line isn't cause for the
admin's changes to go away.[2]]

It probably would be nice if someone would generalize this (part of
ucf?) and make it so that it's easy for the admin to put a file back
under debconf control as well.

Don Armstrong

1: I'd imagine something like a last line with # MD5SUM: blah; and
then the md5sum generated with the # MD5SUM: line missing would
suffice. That way, either changing the file, or removing the MD5SUM
would be enough to let you know that the user had done something
locally. (In effect, the same thing that dpkg does for conffiles.)
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