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Re: problem with dpkg-reconfigure and noninteractive frontend

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Steve Langasek wrote:
> And, as Debconf Is Not A Registry, most questions that are under
> debconf control should give preference to the already configured
> local settings over anything that would come from LDAP.

Assuming the local settings have actually been configured.

If they're identical to the previous debconf settings and have not
been modified by the local administrator, I see no reason why you
could not change settings via debconf. In fact, I'd suggest that such
functionality is optimal, because it is what allows you to reconfigure
packages using debconf.

In other words, we should try to allow the largest functionality
possible with debconf whilst satisfying the requirements of 10.7.3.

Don Armstrong

Il semble que la perfection soit atteinte non quand il n'y a plus rien
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(Perfection is apparently not achieved when nothing more can be added,
but when nothing else can be removed.)
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupe'ry, Terres des Hommes


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