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Re: Bug#133578: gdm bug #133578. Intend to NMU.

* Mathieu Roy 

| The fact that Debian is an English-speaking project is irrelevant. As
| Debian is a distribution that claims to be universal, it should not
| require users to understand English, at all. Even if currently it
| does. 

Please understand the difference between sufficient and necessary

| > | Vince now explain that the bug is not critical: wonderful, but where
| > | did he found someone saying that this bug is critical? Nobody is
| > | claiming that this bug is critical. This bug is annoying, nothing
| > | more. 
| >
| > You claimed it was important to all non-english speakers.  I said it
| > wasn't.
| Yes, I said it was _important_.  If I meant _critical_ I would have
| wrote _critical_.

Don't try to put words into my mouth; it was Vince who used the word

| Apart from that, you made your point: it is not important for all
| non-english speakers.

Thanks for seeing this.

| But that's mainly due to the fact that Debian currently get a
| specific audience, that understand english (otherwise, they probably
| would not be able to install it).

Even if you make Debian's audience people who don't understand
English, it won't be important for all non-English speakers.

| But Debian claims to have an universal goal: so the audience of
| Debian is not supposed to be specific and things should be done to
| avoid restricting access to Debian.

That is one way of interpreting «universal operating system».  It's
not the only one.

| > | But a annoying bug should not be left for two years while
| > | harmless fixes exists.
| >
| > That the fix is harmless is your opinion.  It's not shared by
| > everyone.
| Please give me a pointer to a message that confirms that this bug
| break (do harm) to something. The only thing against is the fact that
| it is not clean to use environment that way -- there is no breakage
| involved.

It harms the design of the package and makes clutter in the system.  I
call that breakage.  

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