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Re: Alioth and local proxy

On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, Andreas Tille wrote:

> On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, David Palmer wrote:
> It is not only Galeon as I said because it works fine at home and
> from any other location I know.  But behind some kind of Proxy I'm
> unable to specify more detailed (any commercial product I guess)
> I did not found any Linux-Browser (except wget) which displays
> Alioth well - but IE 6.0 works fine and thus there must be a trick
> to let it work.
I'd like to add the fact that I now installed Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox
on the Win-Machine which works with IE 6.0.  The Mozilla browsers fail here
as well.  So the situation is as follows: There exists at least one
proxy configuration which prevents all free browsers from displaying
Alioth and leaves only IE 6.0 to work with our free development machine.
I repeat: This is a proxy issue, because I do not have this problem at
home.  The proxy settings of IE and Mozilla browsers are equal.  The
problem is the same if I use the proxy directly or through squid proxy
cache.  (I do not know anything about the proxy except that it is no
squid and I would have nearly zero chance to find out relevant data
about this proxy.)

The Alioth project team is in CC and might have an overview about this
problem at


Kind regards


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