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Re: Alioth and local proxy

Andreas Tille wrote:

On Sun, 4 Apr 2004, Andreas Tille wrote:

it sounds strange but behind our local proxy I'm unable to view any
page from alioth.

         <blank page>


         <blank page and page-source>

         <blank page>
         <=UpDnViewing <>        No Line    (<-- says bottom line)

         <blank page>

  wget http://alioth.debian.org/
         --> normal index.html as expected

If I ssh to a box outside of our firewall w3m works fine and I expect
to work the other browsers as well.  No problem with any browser from
home.  I never faced comparable problems with any other web site.
I've got some hints via private mails which did not really help because
I have not (and will not have) any access to the proxy.  But I found
out some further information: I'm perfectly able to work with IE 6.0
while using exactly the same proxy auto configuration file (.pac).
This is really strange.  Any hint, how to solve this?

I don't know, but I have no trouble getting the site page up in galeon 1.3.11a


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