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Re: Hex Firmware in Kernel

>>>>> "Herbert" == Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au> writes:

    Herbert> Please do not send me any more patches implementing
    Herbert> firmware loaders unless they're for the drivers that have
    Herbert> been removed already.  Such patches should be forwarded
    Herbert> upstream instead.

As Debian developers we have a responsibility to act on behalf of our
users and bring upstream bugs to the attention of upstream.  If you're
saying that you'd really prefer interested people deal with upstream
directly, that is certainly reasonable and probably a good idea for
efficiency reasons.

If you are saying that you won't act as a proxy for upstream bugs,
that's not really very good at all.

If you're saying that you don't expect to have time to act as a proxy
for these upstream bugs that's not very good either, but I wouldn't be
surprised if it happens to be true.


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