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Re: Hex Firmware in Kernel


Herbert Xu schrieb am Dienstag, 13. April 2004 um 20:12:18 +1000:
> In light of recent discussion on this list, I have altered my plan
> of action for this issue.
> I will no longer remove any more files from the kernel before the
> release of sarge.

>From the users point of view I appreciate this, since we'll have a new
stable system with more recent software soon :-)

> However, any files that have been removed already
> will not be restored.

But this means drivers are discriminated at random. Some maybe non-free
parts have been found before this 'break' and have been removed.
Esp. widely used network adaptors (Broadcom Tigon3 ethernet driver) and 
FibreChannel-controllers (qla2xxx) are not supported by debian, some
other are supported

Jörg Friedrich

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