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please release sarge instead of removing binary firmware

Dear Release-Managers,

currently, there is an ongoing discussion about binary-blobs in the Linux
kernels. We all agree that Debian should only consist of free software.
However, in the real world, not all problems are so easy solvable as we all
wish. You have already stated an exception for documentation (RFCs, GFDL) for
the release of sarge. We ask you to state another exception for code that is
not executed on the host CPU(s).

Otherwise, we fear that the release will be delayed for some more time, and
frankly speaking, the release is already overdue.

We think that further discussion is necessary to come up with a proper and
working solution. The exemption will grant us the necessary time; it is not
meant to postpone this issue indefinitely.

Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta
Andreas Barth
Daniel Stone
Florian Weimer
Hanno Wagner
Marc Haber
Marco d'Itri
Martin Loschwitz
Peter De Schrijver

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