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Re: Bug#243129: NMU in DELAYED/3-DAY

David Pashley <david@davidpashley.com> writes:

> On Apr 12, 2004 at 21:19, Marc Dequènes praised the llamas by saying:
>> David Pashley <david@davidpashley.com> writes:
>> > I have uploaded a NMU fixing this bug into DELAYED/3-DAY. I have
>> > included the diff.
>> But u should have taken care of your chocolate eggs instead.
> It was the first FTBFS package on the RC bug list. I didn't quite notice
> the day the bug had been filed. It is in DELAYED/3-DAY; by all means
> delete it. It was not meant as an insult on your ablities as a
> developer. I was just trying to help.

Come on, this is a lazy excuse!  A NMU is something serious.
You can't just do it without even reading the original bugreport
with the apprpriate amount of care and attention.  As you can see, if
you don't, you are not helping, rather generating extra work.

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