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Re: please release sarge instead of removing binary firmware


Andreas Barth et al wrote:
> We ask you to state another exception for code that is
> not executed on the host CPU(s).

Let's ship cheap old 80286, 80386 or similar chips (maybe RFID?)
together with Debian, let the users stick it into their boxes and let
them declare it as the new CPU of their systems, making all the other
chips just "coprocessors". Thus, we can include all kinds of proprietary
software into Debian while adhering to Policy and DFSG. Great idea!

[Sorry, couldn't resist.]

> Otherwise, we fear that the release will be delayed for some more time,
> and frankly speaking, the release is already overdue.

The majority of open RC bugs (and other bugs noteworthy for release)
seems to be either much more difficult to solve or related to
maintainers who are not as active as our kernel maintainer is. So I
don't agree. Feel free to actually work on them.

> We think that further discussion is necessary to come up with a proper
> and working solution.

Right. But not a discussion between DDs but in discussions of DDs with
upstream. I'm currently discussing a similar kernel driver issue with a
Broadcom driver maintainer.

Are you?


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