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Re: Bug#243234: ITP: mozilla-thunderbird-locale-ca -- Mozilla Thunderbird Catalan Language/Region Package

>>>>> "D" == D Starner <shalesller@writeme.com> writes:

    >> This is another candidate for using three letter language codes. Was
    >> ther any conclusion on that discussion?
    >> Then this package should be called mozilla-thunderbird-locale-cat.
    D> So let's go from "ca", which every Catalan person using Unix will
    D> recognize to "cat", which no one will recognize. That's a huge
    D> win. Two letter codes are both a RFC standard and a de facto
    D> standard. Two letter codes may not be inherently more readable, but
    D> they are what people are familar with.
    D> Is it really all that painful for people to learn that their locale
    D> is en-GB or en-CA rather than uk or ca? Painful enough to make all
    D> the Ukrainians learn that their locale is uk, except where it's ukr
    D> and all the Catalans learn that their locale is ca, except where it's
    D> cat?

I'm wondering whether it is too late to say that it is insane to have every
piece of localized software having a set of a hundred locale packages
visible by all users in a view of aptitude.  Given that most users care
about one or a few locales only, is it possible to have a separate
apt-source for each of them, and have a "generic" apt-source for those
people who want to see all locale packages anyway?

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