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Re: Bug#243234: ITP: mozilla-thunderbird-locale-ca -- Mozilla Thunderbird Catalan Language/Region Package

>This is another candidate for using three letter language codes. Was 
>ther any conclusion on that discussion? 
> Then this package should be called mozilla-thunderbird-locale-cat. 
So let's go from "ca", which every Catalan person using Unix will recognize 
to "cat", which no one will recognize. That's a huge win. Two letter 
codes are both a RFC standard and a de facto standard. Two letter codes 
may not be inherently more readable, but they are what people are familar 
Is it really all that painful for people to learn that their locale is 
en-GB or en-CA rather than uk or ca? Painful enough to make all the 
Ukrainians learn that their locale is uk, except where it's ukr and 
all the Catalans learn that their locale is ca, except where it's cat? 
David Starner -- dvdeug@debian.org 
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