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Debian Installer team seeking for translators : Serbian (sr), Croatian (hr), Hindi (hi), others

(reply set to -boot mailing list...feel free to forward this
everywhere you may think appropriate....as long as you point people
back to debian-boot@lists.debian.org)

We need YOU! :-)

The Debian Installer currently supports 38 languages including
English (26 100% translated in beta3 and 12 under work or completed
since beta3 release). See list at the end of this mail.

The list grew up partly because of some DD or other contributors
giving enough interest for their own language and partly because some
of us tried to find resources for doing translation work in some other
"important" languages.

"Important" here means that these languages have a wide population in
the world....or that they are used in places where Open Source
operating systems have a good development currently or in the
future....or that they're important enough for someone somewhere
caring for having the Debian installation system transalted to it.

In this mail subject, I mentioned a few languages which I'm pretty
sure at least some Debian developers or users are native speakers.

A lot other languages are a good target however. Let's give a list:


(with these, we would cover whole Europe, I think)

-Hindi (or whatever people from India will feel most appropriate
besides English)

-Afrikaans (some contact by DPL and myself, but no news since then)
 or Xhosa

-Farsi (often called Persian)

And this is no limitation, of course !

If you happen to have some skills in one of these languages and some
free time to share with the Debian community, feel free to contact
either myself privately, or the debian-boot mailing list.

You will receive all possible technical help so don't be afraid and
start with the following document:


Currently supported languages (Arabic and Hebrew need backend work on
BIDI support, though):

ar	Arabic
bg	Bulgarian
bs	Bosnian
ca	Catalan
cs	Czech
cy	Welsh
da	Danish
de	German
el	Greek
en	English
es	Spanish
eu	Basque
fi	Finnish
fr	French
gl	Gallegan
he	Hebrew
hu	Hungarian
id	Indonesian
it	Italian
ja	Japanese
ko	Korean
lt	Lithuanian
nb	Norwegian Bokmal
nl	Dutch
nn	Norwegian Nynorsk
pl	Polish
pt	Portuguese
pt_BR	Portuguese (brazil)
ro	Romanian
ru	Russian
sk	Slovakian
sl	Slovenian
sq	Albanese
sv	Swedish
tr	Turkish
uk	Ukrainian
zh_CN	Chinese (Simplified)
zh_TW	Chinese (Traditional)


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