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Re: Problem: 2.6.x and network (e1000 Intel 82546EB)

Quoting "W. Borgert" <debacle@debian.org>:
> after installing a fresh sarge on a Sun (dual XEON) with two
> e1000 Intel 82546EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller everything
> worked fine so far with the default 2.4.x kernel.  But after
> changing to 2.6.x the network just does not work anymore.  I

OK, a colleague gave the hint to check the order of network
devices.  In fact, 2.4 and 2.6 associate eth0 and eth1
differently to the network interface cards!  After using the
other interface, everything went fine.

Question: Is there a way to force the system to use a specific
interface card for eth0?  Something in /etc/modules or

Thanks in advance!
W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org>, http://people.debian.org/~debacle/

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