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Re: Making packages of php pear modules

Sorry 'bout the slow response, just going through back-mail...

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 06:38, Ian Eure wrote:
> > I started to think about making the huge number of php pear modules
> > available for debian. After looking at one which I will need myself
> > real soon, it appears not to be very difficult.
> I don't believe that there are any individual PEAR packages in Debian, aside 
> from php4-pear.


I was also thinking about packaging phpdocumentor because it's required
for an internal Deb package at my work, but didn't bother following it
up because all you have to do is put 'pear install foo' in the postinst
of anything that depends on it and you're done. No need for a Debian
package at all.

In fact, a Debian package of any PEAR module could be as simple as a
near-empty package with a 1-line postinst as above.

If there are other reasons for packaging PEAR stuff natively I'd be very
interested to hear it - I'd be happy to package phpdocumentor and other
PEAR stuff after all if there's a good reason to do it.

Cheers  :-)

Jonathan Oxer
The Debian Universe: Installing, managing and using Debian GNU/Linux

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