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Re: [custom] Updated docs regarding meta package building

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

> We shall start discuss about this both  with the knoppix team and here
> on debian-devel.
Well, there was enough discussion on the debian-knoppix list about this.
Something has to be *done* now.

> You already  know Klaus Knopper,  so  it would be   great if you could
> write directly to him,
Because I know Klaus I know that he will more or less private mails because
of time constraints.

> reminding the talk you  had and pointing to the
> Live CD section of the CDD paper.
There is nothing real new in the paper which I would not have dicsussed
on the mailing list.  Perhaps it is a bit more concentrated information ...

> Then we see what happens..
I guess it would happen more if we would have some code which could
attract interest.

Kind regards


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