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rmail, m-t-a, and uucp

UUCP uses rmail to inject mail coming in via uucp into the local mail
system.  Not so long ago all MTAs provided rmail[1], so (indirectly)
depending on mail-transfer-agent gave uucp the interface it needed.

Now sendmail decided to split off rmail, which of course breaks
sendmail+uucp installations unless the rmail package is installed.

There are two options as I see it right now:
 - Require that the MTA provides rmail (either by having their own,
   or by depending on rmail).

 - Introduce a new virtual package 'rmail' and all packages having an
   rmail could declare "Provides: rmail".  UUCP could then depend on
   rmail rather than a mailer.

Both ways would work for me.  There is a 3rd option, but which I really
  - uucp depending on "postfix | exim | exim4-daemon-light | ..... | rmail"

My favorite short term solution is to get sendmail fixed, option 2
requires all MTA packages but sendmail/rmail be changed.  What's your
opinion on that.


1. With the only exception being ssmtp and nullmailer but nobody in their
   right mind would install them on a uucp system.
2. #232664
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