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Re: rmail, m-t-a, and uucp

On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 08:19:39AM +0100, Peter Palfrader wrote:

> UUCP uses rmail to inject mail coming in via uucp into the local mail
> system.  Not so long ago all MTAs provided rmail[1], so (indirectly)
> depending on mail-transfer-agent gave uucp the interface it needed.
> Now sendmail decided to split off rmail, which of course breaks
> sendmail+uucp installations unless the rmail package is installed.

For the near future:

Reassign #232664 to sendmail.

If something is split off a package, the package has to depend on the 
new package until after the next stable release. This is the only way to 
prevent breakages on upgrades, (e.g. with the Debian 3.0 uucp package 
and the Debian 3.1 sendmail package).

> There are two options as I see it right now:
>  - Introduce a new virtual package 'rmail' and all packages having an
>    rmail could declare "Provides: rmail".  UUCP could then depend on
>    rmail rather than a mailer.

This sounds like the best solution.

As a positive side effect, if they all Conflict with each other this 
would be better than the fragile conflicts of the rmail package that 
breaks with every new MTA that enters Debian.

> Peter



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