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Bug#238833: konqueror: Fails to render ∀ ∈ ∧

Branden Robinson wrote:
It belongs everywhere and nowhere.

This problem could conceivably apply to every font package in Debian, or
even to no font package in Debian, given that there are third-party
sources for fonts and Konqueror could be configured to use them.

If a specific font provided by an xfree86 package can be identified as
missing these specific glyphs, then I welcome the cloning of this bug,
and a report of which exact font file(s) is/are affected.

Such bugs should also get the "upstream" tag.

This bug is akin to reporting that "not everything is translated to
every language".  It's too broad to be a proper report, IMO.

In the current case, it's more subtle than that, I would say. Konqueror and all KDE applications don't seem to be able to fall down to an other font for rendering something it doesn't support. I currently have several different problems with CJK text rendering in KDE : I usually got the "no glyph" square for hiraganas, and since I installed the Korean fonts, I get nothing at all for some japanese kanjis. Why ? Because Korean fonts have hanjas, which are the korean counterpart of japanese kanjis, but they don't have the same subset, while the unicode range is the same. Which means that the Korean font doesn't have all the characters you would find in a japanese text. So it seems that KDE is trying to use the Korean font to render the japanese text. On the other hand, I don't have these rendering problems with Mozilla, Firefox and friends, nor rith gnome 2 applications.
If my explanations are not clear enough, I can provide some screenshots.


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