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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

Ingo Juergensmann wrote:
> > What are the real speads here? When I remember correctly I once saw
> > a 250 Mhz r4k beeing half as fast as a 150 Mhz r5k, at least by the
> > bogomips-numbers the kernel reported. Does anyone know what the
> > important numbers are?

BogoMips is 0.5 * MHz for R4xxx and 1.0 * MHz for R5000. The real
difference is smaller than that. I'd guess a R4400-250 is a bit
faster than a R5000-150 for integer and a bit slower for fp.
I didn't do benchmarks, though.

> But when using a "real world benchmark" named dnetc ;)), the m68060 was as
> speedy as a R10k at 195 MHz. 
> Of course the dnetc benchmark is quite, uhm, well, wrong for some reasons.
> Dnetc makes extensive use of commands that the mips CPU don't have (bit
> shift left/right or so, IIRC).

Rather rotate insns, shifts are there since MIPS I. Outside of crypto
challenges the outcome will be very different. :-)

> OTOH, the m68060 has no full FPU, which might
> give significant drawbacks in build time for such packages like axiom.
> Point is: 
> There might always be some differences between CPUs, be it on the same arch,
> be it cross arch. The 060 is f.e. 2-4x faster than the 040, although it's
> just clocked 10 MHz fast.

A R10k has roughly 3 times the integer speed of a R4xxx of same
frequency, and even more for fp.

> Uh, is the L2 Cache support on mips in the meanwhile?

Was only an issue for r5k, fixed upstream. I hope we get a 2.4.25 soon.


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