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Re: how do you manage your external source?

Debian packages are, by far and large, a combination of external source
archives, and various patches.  These patches can be further sub-divided into
debian-specific(both new features and fixes), and upstream changes(ones
imported from upstream, or not yet sent upstream).

As package development progresses, these changes:

 * get ported to newer upstreams
 * get reimplemented
 * get broken/fixed

I'm using yada build system and some home-made tools (cvsdebuild.alioth.debian.org) which can build the package from CVS source.

All changes are made in debian/ subdirectory. In package root directory is only orig.tar.gz. Sometime I have to prepare debian/patches/*.diff file. I can import upstream to separate /upstream/package/ directory to the "upstream" branch and do

$ cvs diff -r upstream > debian.diff

to get the patch with debian-specific changes.

After all, I run 'cvsdebuild'...

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