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Re: how do you manage your external source?

Em Qua, 2004-03-17 às 14:05, Adam Heath escreveu:
> In debian, there are several tools to make all this management easier(a
> non-inclusive list includes cvs-buildpackage, tla-buildpackage, dbs, cdbs,
> dpatch, uupdate).  However, these tools are generally geared towards use in
> making debian packages, and not for stand-alone external source management.
> Plus, they tend to require a unix system.


I personaly use cvs-buildpackage, and I don't see the problems you
pointed. I agree it is geared to make debian packages, but this doesn't
create any problem. I just maintain the "debian" directory inside the
source.... The "Debian Perl Group" works this way also...

I actually didn't understand what's the problem you have using such


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