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Federal Official Buyers Will NOT Come To You

If you want to Sell your Products/Services to the Federal Government, you    
need to be able to contact the Official Purchasers within the Federal    
Government, they will NOT come to you.      
Call 888-661-4094 x8 to order your Federal Officail Buyers Cd-rom    
The price is $950.  call 888-661-4094 x8   
Find the Federal Official Buyers who Purchase your Products by using    
our Federal Official Buyers CD-Rom. This product has been painstakingly     
updated, de-duped, and is the most current information on Official Buyers    
that is available on the market today.     
It contains 14,442 records of contact information including 9,400 email     
addresses, 14,000 mailing addresses and 13,000 phone numbers.     
Official buyers in federal purchasing offices regularly make purchases    
in the $2,500 to $25,000 range by obtaining three or more telephone or    
fax quotes from vendors.     
Industry analysts estimate that these small informal purchases total     
about $120 billion annually. Don't blow it again this year by    
Begin your Sales Campaign to the Feds Today using this powerful    
market intelligence.     
Fedmarket.com offers you access to contact information on over 14,000     
official government buyers.     
The database is sold on CD-Rom in a comma-delimited format for easy     
integration with your own direct mail database. The price is $950.     
We do not offer the right to resell the data, but you may continue to     
use it over again for your own marketing program (in contrast to many     
of our competitors who sell one-time access only).     
To order the Official Federal Buyer CD-Rom, please click on the BUY NOW    
link above. Please allow 1 week for normal delivery.     
Expedited (same day) delivery is available for an additional $50.     
We will not charge your credit card until we ship your order.     
Sample Record:    
Buyer(s) Contact Information    
Brent Buyer    
Contract Specialist    
Phone 253-555-3884    
Fax 253-555-5053    
Email brent.buyer@mcchord.af.mil    
Harry Buyer    
Contract Specialist    
Phone (253) 555-3878    
Fax (253) 555-5053    
Email Harry.buyer@mcchord.af.mil     
Buyer(s) Office Address    
Department of the Air Force    
Air Mobility Command, 62nd CONS    
100 Main St. Ste 1049    
McChord AFB, WA 98438     
Buyer(s) Office Address State    
Buyer(s) Office Address Zip Code    
Buyer(s) Email Addresses    
Best Regards,       
Sales Team       
Federal Marketplace       
ph: (888) 661-4094 x8 - toll free       
fx: (208) 726-5590
Please, Do not use the Reply button to respond to this message.    
It is our policy never to send unwanted email messages. You were sent this   
message because you previously registered at fedmarket.com or expressed an      
interest in receiving information on public sector business opportunities.     
If you wish to be removed from this email list, please send your request     
and a copy of the original email to P.O. Box 6639, Ketchum, ID 83340      
or for immediate removal follow this link:      

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