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Re: First Call for votes: General resolution for the handling of the non-free section

On Thu, Mar 11, 2004 at 05:43:17PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> The "concession" you seem to have forgotten is that main is actually
> free of partially free software, no matter how necessary, useful, or
> close to being free it was at the time.

Well, for some values of "actually free", anyway.

# #174456: celestia: Please clarify copyright license of textures/image data
Package: celestia; Severity: serious; Reported by: "Javier Fernandez-Sanguino
Pena" <jfs@dat.etsit.upm.es>; Tags: sarge, sarge-ignore, sid, woody; 1 year and
75 days old.

# #181494: GNU Free Documentation License is non-free
Package: glibc; Severity: serious; Reported by: "Brian M. Carlson"
<sandals@crustytoothpaste.ath.cx>; Tags: sarge, sarge-ignore, sid, woody; 1
year and 99 days old.

# #193787:
gcc-3.2-doc,gcc-3.3-doc,cpp-3.2-doc,cpp-3.3-doc,g77-3.2-doc,g77-3.3-doc: GCC
documentation is non-free
Packages: gcc-3.2-doc, gcc-3.3-doc, cpp-3.2-doc, cpp-3.3-doc, g77-3.2-doc,
g77-3.3-doc; Severity: serious; Reported by: Nathanael Nerode
<neroden@gcc.gnu.org>; Tags: sarge-ignore; 298 days old.

# #199810: libnss-ldap: Includes non-free documentation (RFC)
Package: libnss-ldap; Severity: serious; Reported by: Branden Robinson
<branden@debian.org>; Tags: sarge-ignore; 2 years and 343 days old.

# #200003: cpp: contains non-free manpages
Package: cpp; Severity: serious; Reported by: Andrew Suffield
<asuffield@debian.org>; Tags: sarge-ignore; 251 days old.

# #207549: doc-debian: copyright status of some documents unclear
Package: doc-debian; Severity: serious; Reported by: Florian Weimer
<fw@deneb.enyo.de>; Tags: sarge, sarge-ignore, sid, woody; 197 days old.

# #207932: emacs21: Includes non-free documents
Package: emacs21; Severity: serious; Reported by: dpt@math.harvard.edu; Tags:
sarge-ignore; 194 days old.

# #211640: ssh: contains unlicensed Internet-Draft in /usr/share/doc/ssh/RFC.gz
Package: ssh; Severity: serious; Reported by: "Brian M. Carlson"
<sandals@crustytoothpaste.ath.cx>; Tags: sarge-ignore; 174 days old.

# #211765: xfree86: material under non-free licenses in XFree86
Package: xfree86; Severity: serious; Reported by: Henning Makholm
<henning@makholm.net>; Tags: help, sarge-ignore, upstream; 174 days old.

# #212085: Build-dependencies cannot be satisfied in unstable
Package: gcc-3.0; Severity: serious; Reported by: Matt Zimmerman
<mdz@debian.org>; Tags: sarge-ignore, upstream, wontfix; 172 days old.

# #212522: gdb package contains non-free GNU FDL documentation
Package: gdb; Severity: serious; Reported by: neroden@twcny.rr.com (Nathanael
Nerode); Tags: sarge-ignore; 170 days old.

# #214623: Non-free logo included in main
Package: imagemagick; Severity: serious; Reported by: paul cannon
<pik@debian.org>; Tags: sarge, sarge-ignore, sid, woody; 156 days old.

# #225254: mldonkey-server: contains RFC in /usr/share/doc/mldonkey-server/docs
Package: mldonkey-server; Severity: serious; Reported by: Tollef Fog Heen
<tfheen@debian.org>; Tags: sarge-ignore; 75 days old.

# #236974: FDL documentation
Package: libneon24-doc; Severity: serious; Reported by: Rene Engelhard
<rene@debian.org>; Tags: sarge, sarge-ignore, sid.

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