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Re: The political decision about non-free

* Rene Engelhard (rene@debian.org) [040308 20:10]:
> John Hasler wrote:
> > Daniel Ruoso writes:
> > > 3 - The support for non-free file types (i.e. gif)

> > I don't see why GIF stuff has to stay in non-free now that it is free in
> > the US.  After all, we used to have non-us for stuff free outside the US:
> > why can't we have non-eu?
> as Carlos says .eu _currently_ does not have software patents. .jp and
> some other countries _do_ have iirc. and the LZW patent expeires there
> at the beginning of June or July (can't remember exactly..)

July 7th in Canada, and after that pnmtogif is moved to main (except
if it is delayed because of a massive freeze for release of sarge).
See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/gif.html for further information.

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