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Re: custom (2.6) kernel for d-i

> I'd like to install on a new box that has only an SATA drive (VIA
> chipset). I understand that the VIA chipset is supported in the 2.6
> kernel but it isn't in the 2.4 kernel.

i did an install onto an SATA-only machine this past week.  one of the
images of the "beta" debian installer worked (boot floppy images on the
100MB iso image), or at least worked well enough that i could mount,
format, and install onto the SATA disks.  intel ICH5 chipset, in my case -
it would be good for someone else to try it out and verify that it worked
for them.  previous symptom on my hardware had been that stuff would
detect the ICH5 chipset, but the ide-disk.o module would hard-lock the

i think what i was using were the images from 2/24 or 2/25 - probably was
the 2/24 build, since i think i did the install on the 25th.

at any rate, you should probably start with the current images and work
backwards a ways.


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