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Re: re: *UNAPPROVED* dpkg nmu

Scott James Remnant <scott@netsplit.com> wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-02-28 at 02:53, Adam Heath wrote:

>> Why did you nmu dpkg?  I see no mail from you on the mailing list about
>> preparing an nmu.

> Because the package had Release-Critical bugs open against it which, for
> whatever reason, had not been acted upon by the maintainers.  All of
> these were over a month old.
> Of course, you should know all of this already because I mailed a full
> and detailed summary of everything we discussed to you and Wichert (the
> contents of the dpkg Uploaders: field).  It made specific mention of our
> intent to upload a version of dpkg to fix the release-critical bugs.

> I mailed it to you personally to ensure you read it, as you haven't been
> active on debian-dpkg for at least a month and Wichert hasn't in the
> past 6 months!  For the audience out there, this includes any bug
> activity for dpkg.

Afaict the only thing that is open for discussion is whether you
followed the protocol in developer's reference correctly.

And ticking of the checklist there is just one missing piece of
information - the timeline.  How much time did pass between the
"intend to NMU"-mail and the actual upload? (Did you use a DELAYED
queue?) - My gut feeling says that 2-3 days between mailing the
maintainer and uploading the package to ftp-master would have been
appropriate (7 days - (release-cycle bonus + rc-bug bonus)).
             cu andreas
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