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re: *UNAPPROVED* dpkg nmu

Why did you nmu dpkg?  I see no mail from you on the mailing list about
preparing an nmu.

I stopped receiving @doogie.org mail yesterday afternoon(forgot about my
domain).  If you sent mail after that, then you didn't wait long enough.  And,
besides, I'm not the maintainer of dpkg; this list is.

I see you sent me a *private* mail about.  That is not how you discuss dpkg.
I will not participate in any discussion about dpkg that isn't public.  If you
want to discuss dpkg, then resend your mail publically.  I will  have *none*
of these backdoor meetings.

When preparing an nmu, one should do the changes, create a diff, file a bug
with the diff, wait, then upload.  These steps *were not done*.

Developers: do not install dpkg, until such time as the code has
been auditted.

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