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Re: What the hell is happening to Debian ? (and FLOSS in general)

On Sat, 2004-02-28 at 20:10, Julien BLACHE wrote:
> However; people like Ingo Juergensmann and Goswin von Brederlow are
> trying to help out with m68k buildds (and mips too, IIRC), and we're
> really just being rude to them without a reason.

As a DD-to-be, I got the same impression too, from reading a few posts
in that thread. I make no comment as I assume 1) I must be missing
something, or 2) the people involved will (hopefully) learn to toughen
their skin wrt flamewars, and soldier on.

> Now, about FLOSS in general.
> Why is every damn project out of there designing its own damn license?
> Don't we have enough Free Software or OpenSource licenses already ? Do
> we really need to complicate things up to the level of proprietary
> licenses?
> If there's a need for a new license or a new set of licenses, wouldn't
> it be better to share our ressources to design it, rather than
> producing a new license per project? At this rate, we're going to need
> a full-time staff of lawyers to populate debian-legal soon...
> I'm getting sick of these unnecessary license issues, and I have the
> feeling that it'll only get worse as time passes by... I'd like to be
> proven wrong on this one, however.

I agree with you. It's a consciousness thing (ie. how do you raise
peoples' consciousness). And the same problem in essence can be seen
with the number of oh so similar projects on [sourceforge| freshmeat|
etc] - not only applications (which in comparison can be forgiven,
relatively), but _frameworks) for crying out loud - eg. PHP frameworks.
Three I can understand, five or 8 may be. But *twenty*! That's right,
about twenty (probably more by now) PHP _framework_ projects!

Essentially there are too many "linus wannabees" thinking individually
and oh-the-glory-of-me rather than cooperating mindsets and group and
relating projects.

So we see the same thing in licenses (oh, I want X|BSD|LGPL "style"
license, but I want it to say 'this thing I'm sure no one's thought of
before'). Admittedly there are a bunch we're stuck with (generally too
difficult to change a license post-significant usage).

We can see good signs though - the Apache project for example. Common
licensing, coordinated projects, community and "let's work together"


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