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Re: udev uploaded to experimental

I demand that Isaac Clerencia may or may not have written...

> I also have problems with tty's, I can't login in any of them.

Easily fixable, though you'll want to reboot with either a rescue disk/CD or
with init=/bin/sh (and remount / rw).

If you want to have devfs-compatible names as well, then you'll need the
following line somewhere in /etc/udev - udev-compat.rules is reasonable, or
you could add a new rules file (don't forget to edit udev.conf):

  KERNEL="tty[0-9]*", SYMLINK="%k"

(Good to see that this'll be in the next release.)

Anyway, I'm now running 0.018 (plus trailing-spaces-in-sysfs-files patch) on
my laptop, but I encountered a few problems along the way.

A RAM disk was already present on /dev, but the init script created another
one. The problem was that the init script assumes that the admin has used
"none" as the mount point for a tmpfs on /dev, and of course I'd used
"tmpfs". Checking for "^[^[:space:]]+" instead of "^none" should work.

Then I found that device nodes weren't being given the correct permissions: X
was falling over on login; xinit worked, startx failed, .xsession-errors had
interesting things to say. I'd assumed that the multiple-rules-files patch
also applied to the permissions configuration - no such luck... :-(

I also saw messages of the form "/dev/ttyS? not found" from setserial, so
I've added the following two lines (might as well deal with the parallel port
at the same time):

  KERNEL="ttyS[0-9]*", SYMLINK="%k"
  KERNEL="lp[0-9]*", SYMLINK="%k"

Any chance that these too will be in the next release? :-)

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