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udev uploaded to experimental

I'm lazy, so I will include my last blog post as a summary.

This goes to debian-glibc and the initscripts maintainer as well because
S35mountkernfs needs to be split in two parts: one which will mount /proc
and /sys, to be run at S03 and one for the rest, which can be left at S35.
This will have the positive side effect of allowing removal from some
other init scripts of the cruft needed to mount and then unmount /proc.

Please followup to the appropriate mailing list.

(#16) udev uploaded to experimental

A new udev package is available at http://www.bofh.it/~md/debian/ and
has been uploaded to experimental (it's currently waiting in NEW).

It's the first version of the package that manages /dev instead of
/udev. It does this by mounting a ramfs over /dev, so there is no risk
of permanently breaking your system. If you are interested in
hotplugging, HAL and similar issues, please test the package! Do not
forget to read README.Debian.

The udev.rules file and the /etc/udev/*.sh scripts need a lot of
improvements in the parts which deal with IDE and SCSI devices. I'm not
looking for perfect devfs compatibility, but I'd like to have something
better than the typical /dev/sd* mess. OTOH, some hard disks are better
managed by devlabel[0].

I also uploaded a new module-init-tools[1] package.

[0] http://packages.debian.org/devlabel
[1] http://packages.debian.org/module-init-tools

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