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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> writes:

> Scripsit Stephen Frost <sfrost@snowman.net>
> > * Henning Makholm (henning@makholm.net) wrote:
> > > The statistics on the nm.debian.org front page says that the
> > > median time for the "awaiting DAM approval" stage is 57 days.  If that
> > > number is true, there must be a problem that deserves fixing.
> > 57 days isn't that long
> Did you read the rest of my message, where I explained that the number
> 57 is not true but rather more than twice the actual median?
> > and doesn't imply that there's a problem.

As you said there are cases with the NM not responding or comments by
the dam or frontdesk in that figure. The 57 days could be an applicant
that talks to the DAM every week discussing some stuff that was left
unclear. Or the applicant could be waiting for the DAM for 57 days
without anything happening.

I think if you want to see problem cases look at the time since the
last activity. As long as something is happening on the NM application
everything should be OK. If the application is just passed around to
make it seem active I'm sure the applicant would complain at some

How about adding the median/average/max time since the last activity
to the stats? Anyone intrested in adding it / seeing it?

> These are of course subjective matters, but I think it would be a
> problem in itself if half of the prospective developers needed to wait
> for two months in the DAM phase. The AM checklist says that applicants
> must be "ready, willing, and able to aggressively pursue their
> application", and the initial-contact template ends in
> | Note: If you ever need more than 2 weeks for an answer of a mail,
> | please inform me about the delay. If delays are long or frequent, I
> | may put you on hold until you have time to complete the process.
> One would assume that an applicant who can sit through *four times* 2
> weeks of silence after "OK, I have recommended that you get accepted"
> without pinging somebody, must be insufficiently aggressive about his
> application.

Ohoh, now you suggested to every NM applicant to be "Ridiculously
impatient". :)

Does the same timeframe apply to the AM and DAM too?


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