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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

Scripsit Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com>

> As I said, I don't quite understand the request to spread things out
> when the people doing it are coping with the load quite well.

Well, to a casual observer it does not *look* like it's going
well. The statistics on the nm.debian.org front page says that the
median time for the "awaiting DAM approval" stage is 57 days.  If that
number is true, there must be a problem that deserves fixing.

It takes some determined digging to find out that the number is *not*
true. I just manually checked the database for all new maintainers
since October 1st (apparently something was fixed in September, when a
string of people with very long waits were approved).  When I ignore
records where the FD/DAM comments indicate that the applicant himself
was being waited for, the median seem to be more like around 23-25
days.  That is a much more reasonable figure, and in opinion not
indicative of any systemic problem.

The only real problem, therefore, seems to be that the scripts that
create the statistics somehow do not count right, leading to people
seeing problems that aren't there. I suspect that they do not really
restrict their data to the last 2 months, as the explanation
claims. Neither the median nor the average waiting time reported for
the DAM stage seems to have any clear relation to the times I could
see by looking at individual application records. I have not written
down notes for the cases I ignored, but I don't think there were
enough of them to explain the disparity between the statistics and the
base data.

Henning Makholm                     "The practical reason for continuing our
                                  system is the same as the practical reason
                          for continuing anything: It works satisfactorily."

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