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Re: Python or Perl for a Debian maintainance project?

On Saturday 21 Feb 2004 5:57 pm, Andrew Suffield wrote:

> I'm not personally aware of any projects over 200k lines and 10
> full-time developers that aren't a total train wreck. Language doesn't
> matter. Letting a project get that large in the first place is a hefty
> hint that you've gone way off the rails, and it should probably be
> split up. (Unless you start stretching the definition of "project" to
> something like "Debian", which doesn't count)

200k lines of C is a small-medium size project. In Perl or Python or a similar 
high level language I would consider it large. 10 people is not a large team 
in any language. Welcome to commercial software development. I would be 
interested in any large Perl projects that do show it's scalability[1]. IMO 
the lack of them does not inspire confidence.

[1] I write both Python and Perl professionally.

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