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Re: Python or Perl for a Debian maintainance project?

On Saturday 21 Feb 2004 9:20 am, Andrew Suffield wrote:

> > In my experience it is not so much that there is bad Perl, which there
> > is, but that Perl doesn't seem to scale to large teams.
> Then your experience has been entirely of bad perl. It's that simple.

I'm willing to believe that, but it does stretch probabilities a bit far.

> > Are there any projects out there with ~200,000 lines of Perl and 8-10
> > full-time developers that aren't a total train wreck? (I know of one at
> > least that is)
> Evidently "yes", then.

Sorry, I can't parse that. I know of at least one large scale Perl project 
that is a train wreck. Are there any that aren't?

> There's also perl itself.

Sorry, I don't think that really counts. (it's a library, not an application)

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