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Re: Proposal for an advanced Debian-QA system

The problem could be analyzed in this way.
There is the Debian Frontier composed by debian-developer/mantainers.
Outside the Debian Frontier there are the freesoftware developers.
Some debian-developer are freesoftware developers and some
debian-freesoftware-developer are at the same time the maintainers of
his own developed software (with or without comunity supply).

So the freesoftware developer/comunity develop Alfa,Beta,RC and Stable
relase of their software. They choiche in your own opinion when a
software tool is Stable to relase. So a Stable software exist also
outside Debian Frontier.

The question is. Is a new stable software ready or useful and Stable in
debian for debian Comunity? 

Debian is a very big comunity. Over 10.000 packages. Somthing could make
the system not functional in a way of a upgrade. The problem already
exist for the applications still months in unstable waiting for
dependencies. No problem. This is monitorated by "Why this application
is not in testing?". 

So why we couldn't create a general overview by the betwen upstream,
that for definitions are external from the debian frontier e the Debian
project internal space of experimental/unstable/incoming(delayed

I don't want angry Mantainers, so to be forced to "to pack a new
upstream although the benefit to the user is actually doubtfull."

By an actualizzed overview of the external upstream situation in
comparison to the package in the official repos could give a Great
Overview to the QA if somthing is going wrong, in a 10.000+ packages
system, in the state of healt of a not only stable but also updated

A single mantainer cannot - alone - view the general armonization of the

Actually we mointor the internal system? 
General Monitor what there is outside our own Debian frontier could be
the next step for Debian?


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