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Re: Proposal for an advanced Debian-QA system

Il ven, 2004-02-20 alle 23:07, Goswin von Brederlow ha scritto:
> Bluefuture <bluefuture@email.it> writes:
> > This are some idea for an advanced automatic Debian-qa system:
> I think the first action should be a reminder to the maintainer. If
> one has to check the watch page one could just as well check the
> upstream homepage.

The system that should run on debian server and that use Debian/Watch
file and uscan tool must upgrade records in the DB automaticaly on a
(daily?) basis.
The Web interface for the Maintainers should be useful only for an
urgent modification to the watch Field in the QA DBMS - 

for example: 
the upstream author ftp/http server/link is change from the one filled
by the Mantainer in the Watch file of my last uploaded package but i
don't need to upload a new deb package in Deb repos because there isn't
any particular bug to fix and/or any upstream version it is planned to
be relesed in the next times from the upstream author.


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