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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

On Thursday 19 Feb 2004 8:25 pm, Andreas Barth wrote:

> Well, if you've seen Eray: He was approved by his AM, but rejected by
> the DAM, and I consider the DAM to be _absolutly_ right on rejecting
> Eray.

You may consider that, his AM may consider the opposite. Maybe you are right, 
maybe the AM was right. We'll probably never know. The fact is, the way Eray 
was handled caused a lot of noise (a lot like the current threads) and 
distraction from the core activities of Debian. It is happening again, and 
will happen again in future. I believe the situation with Eray is a reason to 
question the current system, not to consider it in perfect working order.

I often wonder whether some of the current Debian maintainers would make it 
through today's NM process. I'm pretty sure one or two would have to tone it 
down a bit.

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