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Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distros need the help from debian developers

Preconfiguring is only one thing for CDDs, another is handling configurations 
in running systems and defaults would need to be tha same.

Searching the archive I found already one message[1] about CFG. The 
combination of debconf and CFG seems to be very beneficial also for stock 

Debconf could keep track of config settings before and after package 
installations and prompts for settings for new packages that can not be 
determined through CFG or are high priority.

This way defaults could be specified in CFGs meta-config definition files for 
packages. Those files could be included in packages and be overridden to meet 
custom needs if necessary.

Another issue about future debconf development I found is "Debconf vs. 
graphical installer"[2] and here too a combination of debconf and the CFG 
framework could show the way to a nice solution.

Are there allready some plans for the future?

Some more information about CFG is available here:


[1] (pre)configuring packages 

[2] Debconf vs. graphical installer

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